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Case Study: One

My 14 year old son suffers from anxiety, low self-esteem and fear of failure and has recently been diagnosed with autism, sensory issues and motor planning, co-ordination and vestibular difficulties. He was familiar with Aura previously and had seen the “sensory gym” being set up gradually over a number of months. The equipment that he watched being set up represented everything that he had avoided all his life and he was very wary of even approaching any of it.

Lucy gave demonstrations of all the equipment without any pressure and gradually introduced him to different exercises. He initially played in the ball cage while he was processing all the information and working out what equipment he had the courage to try first. He did not want to try any equipment which moved really fast or spun round and round.

There were a few moments of “I can’t. I can’t”, but with support and encouragement by Lucy and the team he gradually gained in confidence and tried new pieces of equipment and exercises.

I remember clearly the first attempt at crawling through the rope tunnel. There were moments of panic and doubt but with lots of encouragement he climbed into the tunnel and slowly and cautiously crawled to the other end. He is now able to whizz through the tunnel - even allowing it to be rocked back and forth - and can get in and out with increasing agility and control.

I have seen his confidence, agility and strength greatly improve in the 3 months he has regularly attended the “Sensory Gym”. He is now attempting and succeeding at increasingly more challenging exercises and pieces of equipment. Lucy and the team are supportive and challenge him to try new exercises without putting any pressure on him. He also uses his time in the Gym to relax and recover from a stressful day at school. The use of the Gym and the support offered by the team at Aura has had a significant positive impact on my son.

He has clearly grown in confidence and now will use the equipment in a more challenging way. He will allow himself to be spun round and round and enjoys being out of his comfort zone for a short moment. I know this by the smiles and giggles.

He has hugely benefitted from the Superhero Membership and 3 hour weekly regular sessions. The huge improvements are down to Lucy and her support team for having a fantastic unique Inclusive Provision. My heartfelt thanks for allowing me to have the opportunity to see my child thrive and realise YES I CAN

Positive Impacts
  • Increased self esteem
  • Willingness to try new activities and exercises
  • Opportunities to see that when it doesn’t go to plan, you can keep on trying and success happens.
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Encouraged to take ‘time out’ for his Mental Well Being
  • Safe environment to willingly go ‘out of comfort zone’ and believe in yourself
  • Structured exercises to work on identified areas in medical reports.
  • Wanting to improve and be set challenges.
  • Becoming a Superhero Member