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Case Study: Jack

Jack has been attending sessions at Aura for almost 3 years. He has always enjoyed the sensory facilities available and the freedom to control what he listens to and watches is important to him. He enjoys the calming and relaxing atmosphere and the positive effects last for the rest of the day.

The new multi-sensory gym facilities are amazing and he is starting to use the various pieces of equipment more during each visit. He particularly enjoys the therapy swings and is becoming increasingly confident in using the more challenging equipment. The new equipment is providing welcome opportunities for physical exercise and sensory feedback which is helping to improve both his physical and emotional well-being.

Aura provides a safe environment for him to learn to cope with more social challenges and noise levels, allowing him to move to a different area if he becomes overwhelmed. The immersive den is fast becoming a favourite area and he relaxes so quickly in there that he often falls asleep within minutes.

As a parent of a young person with classic autism, a severe learning disability and sensory processing disorder I have found it very difficult to find appropriate activities for him to access on a regular basis so being able to attend sessions at Aura is great. It is a fantastic place, well situated in the community, run by very passionate and professional people who are constantly developing the facilities to meet the needs of those who use them.