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Benefits for Everyone

Multi-Sensory Environments improve the development thought, intelligence and social skills.

Offering people with cognitive impairments and other challenging conditions the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. These populations rarely get the opportunity to do as the majority of the world do. Limitations of movement, vision, hearing, cognitive abilities, behavioural difficulties, perception of pain and other problems create obstacles to their enjoyment in life. Aura  will allow an environment and provide opportunities for bridging these barriers; generating a relaxing and calming effects, but also activates different stimulation areas aimed at basal stimulation.

Sensory environments have extensive benefits to individuals with sensory, learning and physical disabilities, mental health, dementia, baby and toddlers, young people and adults.  Sensory environments can open a whole new world for people, providing a stimulating environment can:

  1. Increase concentration and focus attention
  2. Develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste
  3. Heighten awareness and improve alertness
  4. Improve coordination and motor development
  5. Promote cognitive development by increased brain function
  6. Lead participants to explore their environment
  7. Provide security
  8. Be an unrestrained atmosphere were participants feel able to enjoy themselves
  9. Improve creativity
  10. Stimulate the sensory blocks
  11. Develop a  sense of cause and effect
  12. Develop language through more vocalisation
  13. Promote social interactions
  14. Promote mental and physical relaxation- reducing stress
  15. Results in more calmness and lower aggressive behaviours
  16. Increase opportunity for choice and self- determination
  17. Improve communication and sharing

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